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Imperial College of Engineering Has 29 Well Equipped Laboratories and Workshops to conduct Lab Classes. We have MoU with different Lab facility provider to ensure high-end lab practice.

1. Computer Application and Graphics Lab

2. Computer Software and Simulation Lab

3. Hardware Lab

4. Networking Lab

5. Civil Engineering Testing Lab

6. Civil Engineering Surveying Lab

7. Engineering Drawing Lab

8. Electrical Machine & Energy Conversion Lab

9. Electrical and Electronics Circuit Lab

10. Microprocessor, PLC & Digital Lab

11. Communication Engineering Lab

12. Textile Kiting and Spinning Lab

13. Textile Testing and Quality Control Lab 

14. Yarn & Fabric Lab

15. Dyeing and Wet Processing Lab

16. Sewing Lab

17. Pattern Making Lab

18. Printing Lab

19. Architectural Studio

20. Chemistry Lab

21. Physics Lab