About The College

Imperial College of Engineering got approval for affiliation on 18th October 2017 from a famous public university of the country “Rajshahi University“. The governing-body of ICE(Imperial College of Engineering) has established the college to spread quality engineering education among the students from southern area of Bangladesh. Providing quality engineering education is the focus of ICE. Imperial College of Engineering (ICE) has been established in industrial area khalishpur of khulna division, with a view to expecting to help the students of this land to fulfill their dream to be a successful engineer. ICE is a getaway to get an international quality public university degree to be a skilled and qualified engineer. As the education quality will be verified and evaluated by a public university and finally they will provide the certification the value of degree will be better than any other private university.

The college is functioning at  a 10 storied modern academic building, within the given time limit, it will shift at it’s permanent campus. Imperial college of engineering has all the facilities which is must for quality engineering education like highly qualified faculty members, well equipped laboratories, state of art campus environment, rich library, class rooms with audio-visual facility and all the things which are required for maintain education quality.

 The governing-body of ICE also running a private polytechnic institute named “Mangrove Institute of Science and Technology” which is one of the best private polytechnic institutes in country.